Fronted Adverbials examples

To proceed toward Fronted adverbials examples, 1st we briefly explain these adverbials. These are words or phrases that appear at the beginning of a sentence to provide additional information about time, place, manner, or purpose. They serve to give the reader a clearer understanding of the sentence and help to emphasize the key information.

For example:

  • In the morning, I like to go for a run.
  • Under the bridge, there was a homeless man sleeping.
  • Quickly, I grabbed my coat and ran out of the door.
  • To pass the exam, I studied every day for a month.

These adverbials can be single words or a combination of words, and they can be either adverbs or prepositional phrases. They can also be used to describe the background of a situation or to set the scene for the main action of the sentence.

It is important to note that fronted adverbials are not necessary for a sentence to be complete, but they can greatly enhance the clarity and impact of the sentence. They can also be used to add variety to writing, as they can break up the monotony and add interest.

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In conclusion, fronted adverbials are a powerful tool for writers and speakers to add context, emphasis, and interest to their sentences. By starting with a fronted adverbial, writers can draw the reader’s attention to the most important information, and create a strong impact in their writing.

Fronted adverbials examples:

Examples with respect to Time:

  1. Yesterday, I went to the museum.
  2. Today, I have a busy schedule.
  3. Tomorrow, I plan to visit my friends.
  4. Every day, I wake up early.
  5. Last week, I traveled to Paris.
  6. Next month, I will have a vacation.
  7. Recently, I started learning a new language.
  8. Every year, I go on a trip.
  9. Soon, I will take a test.
  10. Eventually, I want to live in a different country.

Fronted adverbials examples of Frequency:

  1. Twice a week, I go to the gym.
  2. Once a day, I drink a cup of coffee.
  3. Every hour, I check my emails.
  4. Three times a month, I have a meeting.
  5. Once a year, I have a physical exam.
  6. Every day, I eat breakfast.
  7. Every few months, I get a haircut.
  8. Occasionally, I play video games.
  9. Weekly, I have a family dinner.
  10. Daily, I read the news.


  1. In the park, I like to play basketball.
  2. On the beach, I enjoy swimming.
  3. At the library, I study for exams.
  4. In the city, I work as a teacher.
  5. On the mountain, I go hiking.
  6. At home, I relax after work.
  7. In the countryside, I visit my grandparents.
  8. On the plane, I watch movies.
  9. In the restaurant, I have lunch.
  10. At the museum, I learn about history.


  1. Quickly, I finished my homework.
  2. Slowly, I read the book.
  3. Carefully, I drove my car.
  4. Loudly, I sang a song.
  5. Easily, I solved the problem.
  6. Beautifully, she danced the tango.
  7. Confidently, he gave a speech.
  8. Perfectly, the cake was baked.
  9. Gently, I touched the flower.
  10. Happily, I walked into the park.


  1. If it rains, I will stay at home.
  2. Unless I have a good reason, I won’t go to the party.
  3. When I finish my work, I will watch a movie.
  4. As long as I have time, I will visit my friends.
  5. If I pass the test, I will treat myself to a meal.
  6. Unless I get lost, I will arrive on time.
  7. When I get older, I want to retire.
  8. If I win the lottery, I will buy a house.
  9. Unless I get sick, I will attend the meeting.
  10. If I study hard, I will get good grades.